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Jepkosgei wins Scotia Women Against Breast Cancer 5K

TT Cancer Society receives $250,000

Jelani Beckles :: Newsday :: 28.09.2019

KENYAN Veronica Jepkosgei won the 21st Annual Scotiabank Women Against Breast Cancer 5K, at the Queen's Park Savannah, in Port of Spain, yesterday.

Over 5,000 women competed in the event that has helped almost 20,000 women over the years receive free testing for breast cancer, especially women living in rural communities. After the event, the TT Cancer Society received a cheque worth $250,000.

Jepkosgei, 26, won in a time of 17 minutes and 48 seconds (17:48), almost four minutes ahead of the second placed finisher. Aniqa Bailey, who is only 11, received a huge applause when she was announced as the runner up during the prize giving ceremony. Bailey, who finished in 21:40, was followed by Sarah De Freitas in 22:04, Simone Gonzales in 22:30 and Sophie Potter, 13, in 22:37. The top five all earned prizes with the winner walking away with a trophy, two return tickets to Grenada courtesy Caribbean Airlines and Cher Mere products.

Age group prizes were also distributed, while St Augustine Girls High School and Massy won prizes for the most number of competitors from a school and an organisation respectively.

After the race Jepkosgei said, "I am happy to participate today. I thank the organisers Scotiabank for organising this event."

Jepkosgei, competing in the event for the first time, said she was happy to be part of the great cause.

Stephen Bagnarol, managing director at Scotiabank, thanked everyone for the support. "We are so proud...we had over 5,000 runners and participants and these are people who come with energy and excitement of trying to bring awareness to breast cancer."

Bagnarol was happy Scotiabank could do its part in breast cancer awareness. "Today, we've had 19,000 women, many of them from rural areas, that have been given access to free breast cancer screening. Many of them wouldn't have this kind of service otherwise, so it really helps people."

There were booths scattered around the Queen's Park Savannah giving health tips to participants including optometrists. Bagnarol thanked all the sponsors for making that happen. "It is all about overall health...we have great sponsors to come over here to help people. If they want to do their eye exam, check their hearing (they can do that). We have great sponsors, long time sponsors like Hadco and Blue Waters, which we are very grateful (to) as well."


Jepkosgei wins Scotia Women Against Breast Cancer 5K
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Women run for a great cause at the Queen's Park Savannah


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