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Elcock shines at Abilene Classic

Rachael Thomspon-King :: Trinidad Guardian :: 14.05.2019

Jerod Elcock emerged the most decorated athlete at the annual Abilene Wildcats Track Classic which took place at the Larry Gomes Stadium in Malabar, Arima on Saturday, sprinting to three gold medals.

The Abilene Wildcats sprinter first medal came in the Men's 4x100 metres relay final when partnering with Jonathan Baker, Judah Taylor and Jahi Hernandez in the morning session. Elcock ran the anchor leg to bring his team across the line in 40.93 seconds ahead of Memphis Pioneers (Reuben Walters, Clement Campbell, Ian Thomas, Renaldo Alleyne-Noreiga) in 41.16 and Uwi Track and Field in 41.37. 

In the evening session, Elcock completed the sprint double, first reaching the top of the podium in the men's Open 100m, clocking 10.44 to finish ahead of Simplex's Jalen Purcell (10.46) and clubmate Jahi Hernandez (10.60). This after Elcock advanced to the medal race with the fastest qualifying time of 10.52.

Elcock then faced the starter in the timed 200m Open final and won the fourth and final heat in a time of 20.72 to place first overall. Runner-up Judah Taylor (20.86) and third place finisher Jahi Hernandez (21.35) in heat four were the silver and bronze medallists, respectively.

The women's 100m was not as competitive as the men's with Akilah Lewis of Concorde easing past the line in 11.62 ahead of Leah Bertrand (Simplex) in second place in 11.85 and third, Reese Webster (Concorde) in 11.94. 

Lewis missed out on a second gold after her team, which also included Webster, Shania Charles and Kerneka Waldron, finished second in the women's 4x100m in 47.71. Nabbing gold was Point Fortin New Jets (PFNJ) quartet Jaycel Bailey, Naomi Campbell, Natasha Fox and Malika Coutain in 47.53. Abilene Wildcats (Caitlin Ragoonanan, Brianna Lord, Chelsea Ragoonanan, Tsai-Anne Joseph) bagged bronze in 48.29.

In women's 200m, Caliyah Wallace of Cougars was a clear winner with a 24.77-clocking. Concorde's Reese Webster copped the silver in 24.88 and the bronze medallist was Akila Mc Shine, Akila of Alpha Athletic Club in 24.99. 

Two other runners nabbed two individual gold medals each including Janae De Gannes of Zenith and Toco Titans' Immani Matthew in their respective age groups. De Gannes completed the sprint double winning the Girls U-15 100m in 12.31 and 200m in 25.04 while Matthew won the Boys' U-13 dash with 12.44 and the 400m with 1:03.12.

The 4x100m relays were dominated by Cougars which won six of the eight finals. They won the boys and girls U-11 and U-17 categories, the boys U-13 and Girls U-15 and placed second in the girls' U-13 and boys U-15 races.

Selected results


Boys U-20: 1 Adell Colthrust (Abilene) 10.64; 2 Omari Lewis (Concorde) 10.88; 3 Marcus Purcell (Memphis) 10.91 

Boys U-17: 1 Obi Edwards (FAS) 11.44; 2 Jesaiah Greenidge (Concorde) 11.47; 3 Luke Bardouille (Silver Bullet) 11.51

Girls U-17: 1 Reneisha Andrews (Cougars) 12.35; 2 Karessa Kirton (Cougars) 12.37; 3 Kyah La Fortune (Simplex) 12.81 

Boys U-15: 1 Zion Sylvester (ZC) 11.69; 2 Enoch Joseph (Abilene) 11.84; 3 Tyrell Springer (Cougars) 11.93

Girls U-15: 1 Janae De Gannes (Zenith) 12.31; 2 Jernissa Kadoo (Simplex) 12.37; 3 Kianna Llewellyn (Cougars) 12.73 

Boys U-13: 1 Immani Matthew (Toco Titans) 12.44; 2 Kymani Felix (DPAC) 12.51; 3 Isaiah Clark (ZC) 12.77 

Girls U-13: 1 Kaziah Peters (Simplex) 13.35; 2 Jeniece Burton (Cougars) 13.67; 2 Destinee Thomas (PFNJ) 13.67 

Boys U-11: 1 Savion Adams (Cougars) 13.49; 2 Akul Simon (Memphis) 13.63; 3 Jonas Guytan (Cougars) 13.69 

Girls U-11: 1 Jenique Mc Laren (Toco Tafac) 13.46; 2 Jenniah Mc Laren (Toco Tafac) 13.72; 3 J'Nae Bertete (Cougars) 14.06


Boys U-20: 1 Marcus Purcell (Memphis) 21.45; 2 Adell Colthrust (Abilene) 21.60; 3 Akil Boisson (Memphis) 21.95 

Boys U-17: 1 Shakeem Mc Kay (Abilene) 21.84; 2 Jordan Pope (Concorde) 22.06; 3 Revell Webster (Concorde) 22.82

Girls U-17: 1 Karessa Kirton (Cougars) 25.18; 2 Malika Coutain (PFNJ) 25.32; 3 Kyah La Fortune (Simplex) 25.51 

Boys U-15: 1 Keone John (Memphis) 23.13; 2 Enoch Joseph (Abilene) 23.94; 3 Obediah Halls (Simplex) 24.01 

Girls U-15: 1 Janae De Gannes (Zenith) 25.04; 2 Kadija Pickering (Abilene) 25.47; 3 Kianna Llewellyn (Cougars) 25.98 


Men: 1 Tacuma Sterling (Alpha) 47.12; 2 Ohdel James (Abilene) 47.32; 3 Judah Taylor (Abilene) 47.98

Women: Rae-Anne Serville (Memphis) 54.59; 2 Brianna Lord (Abilene) 56.98; 3 Nicola Pesnell (Memphis) 57.52

Boys U-20: 1 Jabari Fox (PFNJ) 48.46; 2 Saeed Pompey (Morvant Jets) 48.91; 3 Chazz Alexander (Simplex) 49.18

Boys U-17: 1 Shakeem McKay (Abilene) 49.39; 2 Rinaldo Moore (Memphis) 50.17; 3 Joshua Mascall (FAS) 51.48 

Girls U-17: 1 Natasha Fox (PFNJ) 57.85; 2 Atiya Croal (Memphis) 58.56; 3 Malika Coutain (PFNJ) 59.39

Boys U-15: 1 Dorian Charles (PFNJ) 54.65; 2 Tyreese James (Memphis) 54.76; 3 Kyle Williams (Burnley) 55.03. 

Girls U-15: 1 Kadija Pickering (Abilene) 1:00.22; 2 Janae Murray (Memphis) 1:00.27; 3 Kevah Scott (Zenith) 1:01.44 

Boys U-13: 1 Immani Matthew (Toco Titans) 1:03.12; 2 Makaelan Woods (Cougars) 1:04.49; 3 Hakim Salandy (Cougars) 1:05.70 

Girls U-13: 1 Tinika Clement (Genesis) 1:03.98; 2 Kamilla Swan (Burnley) 1:04.92; 3 Kenya Ferdinand (ZC) 1:05.76 


Men: Aarin Simon (Memphis) 1:57.12; 2 Otis Barker (Cheetahs) 1:57.42; 3 Richard Bryan (Concorde) 2:03.02 

Women: 1 Camile Lewis (Silver Bullet) 2:17.95; 2 Christiemarie Maharaj (Silver Bullet) 2:21.36; 3 Nekeisha Mayhew-Dennis (Tobago Select) 2:24.01 

Boys U-15: 1 Tafari Waldron (Cougars) 2:13.11; 2 Ryan Joseph (Cougars) 2:14.92; 3 Jahfa Woodley (Memphis) 2:16.30 

Girls U-15: 1 Shakiah Phillip (Memphis) 2:32.02; 2 Tashanique Mc Farlane (Cheetahs) 2:33.10; 3 Ifeoma Mars (Memphis) 2:34.53


Elcock shines at Abilene Classic
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Abilene Wildcats sprinter Jerod Elcock did the sprint double at the Abilene Wildcats Track Classic at the Larry Gomes Stadium in Malabar, Arima on Saturday.

Elcock shines at Abilene Classic
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Keone John of Memphis Pioneers wins the Boys U-15 200m (sponsored by Jereem Richards) in 23.13.

Elcock shines at Abilene Classic
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Caliyah Wallace of Cougars crosses the line to win the women's 200m sponsored by Windies Sports in 24.77 seconds.

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