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Hypolite: "I feel very happy"

Peter Christopher :: Trinidad Guardian :: 25.09.2018

Four years after being promised a national award, Dr Ian Hypolite finally received his honour yesterday. In 2013, following Jehue Gordon's gold medal run in the Men's 400m final, then Minister of Sports Anil Roberts promised Hypolite as well as the athlete, would receive national awards.

Gordon would indeed receive the Chaconia Gold at the 2014 national award ceremony, however, Hypolite would instead receive a letter stating his nomination for the Chaconia Medal - Silver was rescinded.

He had been a noteworthy snub ever since until he received the Hummingbird Gold at NAPA last evening.

Speaking after the ceremony he said he had moved past that situation.

"I haven't been waiting four years to get an award. My involvement in what I do is never directed or was never been directed to get an award. What happened in 2014 is behind us. I have continued tirelessly and with love and I feel very happy to have been the recipient of the award this evening," said Hypolite, who was named the North America, Central America and the Caribbean (NACAC) Coach of the Year in 2013.

Hypolite was the first locally-based coach to push an athlete to a World Championship gold when as a 21-year-old, Jehue Gordon won the men's 400 metres hurdles final in Moscow, Russia.

"We have this long history of not being able to accomplish the highest levels of performance unless it is at some location abroad. I think it is an inspiration to other coaches."

He hoped the award was not simply tied to Jehue's achievement in 2013, "But I also feel that this award, and I hope that this award does not represent that particular act of coaching Jehue Gordon to a world championship, but also for the continued efforts I have put in terms of developing young athletes," 

Several successful athletes at this year's CAC games also received the Hummingbird Medal - Silver

Nicholas Paul, who celebrated his 20th birthday on Sunday, was one of them. He was grateful to be acknowledged with the award.

"It just shows that hard works pays off, " said Paul in a brief word with reporters after the ceremony.

Swimmer Dylan Carter, who flew into T&T for his award said, "For me, it's an incredible honour. I was incredibly surprised when my mom told me I was receiving the award immediately we booked flights to come down because I was in school away. I knew I couldn't miss this incredible honour. At such a young age it really is overwhelming to me."

Among those who were honoured by Her Excellency the President Paula-Mae Weekes yesterday were Women's cyclist Teneil Campbell, and the men's cycling trio of Nicholas Paul, Kwesi Browne and two-time Olympian Njisane Phillip together with former boxing champion Michael Paul and Carter - with the Hummingbird Medal - Silver.

Haji Mohammed Hosein, a retired school Principal was honoured for his contribution to Sports and Education.

Kent Bede Bernard, who proudly competed mainly in the 400 metres event in the 1960s and 70s for T&T also got the Hummingbird Medal- Gold.



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