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Nation before self

Fazeer Mohammed :: Trinidad Express :: Trinidad Express :: 05.08.2018

Here's a guaranteed way to end the endless nonsensical dialogue about who should get how much for whatever level of success in whichever competition.

Stop it altogether. Yes, this national policy of rewards for medals and other honours in sporting competition should be done away with. If individual sporting organisations want to give their successful competitors something for outstanding performances, that's up to them. If umbrella bodies like the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee want to continue with a system of rewards as part of its athlete-centred focus, go right ahead.

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Nation before self
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SILVER CELEBRATION: Semoy Hackett, left, Reyare Thomas, Khalifa St Fort and Zakiyah Denoon continue their celebrations following the women's 4x100 metres medal ceremony at the Rafael Cotes Stadium in Barranquilla, Colombia, on Thursday night. The T&T quartet got the baton around the track in 43.61 seconds to finish behind Jamaica (43.41) and ahead of Dominican Republic (43.68). –Photo: KWAME LAURENCE

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