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Bascombe, Cougars shine at NAAA Juniors

Newsday :: 09.06.2018

FOURTEEN-YEAR-OLD prodigy Shaniqua Bascombe stole the show on the opening day of the NGC NAAA National Junior Championships, yesterday, easing to the Girl's Under-17 100m gold, her second medal of the day, in 11.59 seconds.

It was her second gold on the day, which followed her U-17 100m hurdles victory. The two-day event is being staged at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Mucurapo. 

Bascombe's second incredible run, the 100m final, saw her rewrite her personal best with a considerable upgrade from her previous best of 11.75 seconds, recorded in May.

It also saw the Cougars star ease below the qualifying standard (11.80) for next month's IAAF World Under-20 Championships in Finland.

Earlier on, Bascombe clocked 15.19 seconds in the U-17 100m hurdles, leaving runner-up Kaizan Panthers' Shanika (16.28 seconds) in the dust. The last event on the day saw Timothy Frederick (Simplex) and Kion Benjamin (Memphis Pioneers) dip under the qualifying standard of 10.55 seconds for the 100m event at the World U-20 Championships. 

Frederick took gold in 10.41 seconds, followed by Benjamin who clocked 10.52. Action continues today at 9 am and closes with relays at just after 6 pm. 

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400m Dash

1st- Iantha Wright (Mercury), 56.62

2nd- Shania LeMatrie (Rebirth), 57.75

3rd- Dianne Hamilton (Palo Seco), 59.14

High Jump

1st- Camile Lewis (Silver Bullets), 1.63m

2nd- Safiya John (Kaizen Panthers), 1.55m

Hurdles 100m (0.84m)

1st- Aquilla St Louis (DPAC), 14.76

2nd- Chezia Phillip (Toco Titans), 14.85

3rd- Safiya John (Kaizen Panthers), 15.72


100m Dash 

1st- Shaniqua Bascombe (Cougars), 11.59

2nd- Leah Bertrand (Simplex), 12.02

3rd- Reece Webster (Concorde), 12.25

Javelin 500g

1st- Tehealia Kennedy (Zenith), 35.54m

2nd- Beyonce Moses (Rss Phoenix), 28.88m

3rd- Celine Issac (Toco Tafac), 25.82m

400m Dash 

1st- Rae-Anne Serville (Memphis Pioneers), 55.31

2nd- Nicola Pesnell (Memphis Pioneers), 58.91

3rd- Malika Coutain (PFNJ), 59.40

Hurdles 100m (0.76m)

1st- Shaniqua Bascombe (Cougars), 15.19

2nd- Shanika Belfon (Kaizan Panthers),16.28

3rd- Tricia Tennant (Rss Phoenix), 19.92

1500m run

1st- Abrielle Baynes (Jubilee Stars), 5:36.68

2nd- Kaylay John (PFNJ), 5:53.38

3rd- Beyonce Moses (Rss Phoenix), 5:58.58

Long Jump

1st- Jayda Williams (Simplex), 5.24m 

2nd- Patrice Richards (Neon Wolves), 5.07m 

3rd- Celine Issac (Toco Tafac), 4.45m

Pole Vault

1st- Celine Issac (Toco Tafac), 1.75m

2nd- Shade Guy (Toco Tafac), 1.60m

3rd- Melonie Welsh (Toco Tafac), 1.45m


100m Dash 

1st- Karessa Kirton (Cougars), 12.37

2nd- Jaycelle Bailey (PFNJ), 12.55

3rd- Jernissa Kadoo (Simplex), 12.59

400m Dash

1st- Natasha Fox (PFNJ), 56.84

2nd- Octavia Cambridge (Cougars), 1:00.46

3rd- Atiya Croal (Memphis Pioneers), 1:00.88

Shot Put 3kg

1st- Ashanti Marcelle (Mercury), 11.44m

2nd- Ce'Lise Adams (Zenith), 9.11m

3rd- Aaliyah John (Cougars), 8.97m

Hurdles 60m

1st- Karessa Kirton (Cougars), 9.40

2nd- Kayla Caesar (Memphis Pioneers), 9.51

3rd- Naomi Pierce (Memphis Pioneers), 10.32

1000m Run

1st- Christiemarie Maharaj (Silver Bullets), 3:15.15

2nd- Octavia Cambridge (Cougars), 3:18.11

3rd- Hannah Heath (Cheetahs), 3:27.51

Javelin (400g)

1st- Ce'lise Adams (Zenith), 25.75m

2nd- Tyler Shears (Toco Tafac), 22.72m

3rd- Aaliyah Smith (Cougars), 22.61m



100m Dash

1st- Timothy Frederick (Simplex), 10.41

2nd- Kion Benjamin (Memphis Pioneers), 10.52

3rd- Ako Hislop (Kaizen Panthers), 10.56 


1st- Onal Mitchell (PFNJ), 47.41

2nd- Jaden St Louis (Cougars), 48.26

3rd- Jabari Fox (PFNJ), 48.41

1500m Run

1st- Aarin Simon (Memphis Pioneers), 4:16.36

2nd- Genesis Joseph (Health Olympians), 4:17.42

3rd- Jediael Walters (Kaizen Panthers), 4:20.11

Shot Put 6kg

1st- Konnel Jacob (Jaguars), 16.39m

2nd- Randolph Issac (Burnley), 13.75m

3rd- Clarence Hannibal (Falcons), 13.64m

Hurdles 110m (0.99m)

1st- Tyrese Rawlins (Neon Wolves), 14.99

2nd- Kelsey Daniel (Kaizen Panthers), 15.50

3rd- Franklyn Stanislaus (Kaizen Panthers), 15.55

Long Jump

1st- Jaydon Antoine (Neon Wolves), 7.00m

2nd- Giovanni Elder (Zenith), 6.65m

3rd- Shaquille Benjamin (Zenith), 6.50m


400m Dash

1st- Saeed Pompey (Morvant Jets), 49.98

2nd- Malachi Heywood (PFNJ), 50.17

3rd- Andrew Bravo (Cougars), 51.41

Hurdles 110m (0.91m)

1st- Justin Guy (Kaizen Panthers), 14.76 

2nd- Rinaldo Moore (Memphis Pioneers), 15.55

3rd- Brian Morris (Cougars), 15.63

1500m Run

1st- Wesley Rampersad (Palo Seco), 4:31.45

2nd- Tichard McKellar (EFA), 4:32.49

3rd- Nkosi Toney (Pentecostal L&L), 4:37.64

Discus Throw (1.5kg)

1st- Ronell Joefield (Zenith), 35.43m

2nd- Haile Burgess (Zenith), 32.39m

3rd- Israel McNish (Striders), 31.50m


100m Dash

1st- Jesaiah Greenidge (Concorde), 11.66

2nd- Naeem Nelson (Simplex), 11.86

3rd- Jorvan Westfield (Cougars), 12.02

Hurdles 80m

1st- Keone John (Memphis Pioneers), 12.07

2nd- Antwon Frederick (Cougars), 12.11

3rd- Darius Joseph (Abilene), 12.27

1200m Run

1st- Khaylon Antoine (Cougars), 3:40.75

2nd- Tafari Waldron (Cougars), 3:43.44

3rd- Jabari Ross (Pentecostal L&L), 3:44.93


Bascombe, Cougars shine at NAAA Juniors
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Karessa Kirton,left, wins her heat in the Girls U15 100m, in a time of 12.48 secs, yesterday at the NGC/NAAA Juniour Championships, held at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port of Spain.


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