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Baboolal, Shukla lead Pan Am/NACAC charge

Kwame Laurence :: Trinidad Express :: 17.02.2018

National champions Shirvan Baboolal and Samantha Shukla will lead the charge for Trinidad and Tobago at today's Pan Am/North American, Central American and Caribbean (NACAC) Cross Country Championships in El Salvador.

Baboolal and George Smith will compete in the men's race while Shukla will be the country's lone representative in the women's event. Kriston Charles and Genesis Joseph, meanwhile, will fly the Red, White and Black in the boys' under-20 race.

Richard Jones and Dawn Washington have accompanied the T& T team to El Salvador as coach and manager, respectively.

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Baboolal, Shukla lead Pan Am/NACAC charge
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LONE T&T WOMAN: Samantha Shukla

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