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Cox aims to prove himself in international marathons

Jelani Beckles :: Newsday :: 11.01.2018

Veteran road runner Curtis Cox is targetting numerous international marathons overseas, after he competes in the 2018 Trinidad and Tobago International Marathon on January 21.

Cox, who is now 50 years old, has been one of this country's most consistent distance runners for the past three decades. Cox, who finished second in the 2017 local marathon in two hours, 41 minutes and 43 seconds (2:41:43), said preparation has been going smoothly.

Cox said, "Preparation went well, I am doing my long runs. I do my long runs in Lopinot because of the hilly terrain and there is not much traffic on that side." Cox is aiming for an improved performance this year as he is aiming to finish between 2:40 and 2:30, but said his main goal is competing abroad regularly this year. "If I break 2:30 that will a great achievement, but my main focus is to try and finish between 2:30 and 2:40, but I am more focused on going abroad and running marathons abroad. You hear about New York, you hear about Boston and to run there is a great achievement."

Cox said he also has his eyes on the London, Berlin and Chicago marathons.

Cox said he has nothing else to prove locally as he has earned a number of accolades in TT. "I just want to go there to experience running (the) New York (marathon) and have a medal to say that I finished the New York Marathon (or) I finished the Boston marathon. I have a lot of medals home, but I want to have a medal saying Boston finisher or New York finisher that will a huge achievement."

The experienced runner is concerned about the number of youngsters running marathons, as he wants to see the sport grow when he retires from the sport.

"It does not have much young people that are promising that could take over when I stop running the Trinidad and Tobago marathon. I want the sport to don't have at least five, six or seven fellas who could do 2:30."

Cox said there is more incentive to run 5K, 10K and half marathons, which are held more regularly, compared to the TT marathon which is just held once a year.


Cox aims to prove himself in international marathons
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Veteran road runner Curtis Cox


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