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Gatlin already eyeing Invitational

Trinidad Express :: 25.09.2017

American track star Justin Gatlin plans to make the Grenada Invitational a major part of his early season schedule next year. The reigning world champion was forced out of this year's showpiece with injury but said his focus was already on making up for that disappointment.

"I want to be able to come back and show love to Grenada," the often controversial sprinter said over the weekend. "I was unable to run and obviously show that throughout my season because I wasn't at my top shape and form because of injury. I want to start the season off with a bang down there in Grenada and have the stadium rocking and have the people cheering. That's what I wanted to do in 2017 but I know I can do it in 2018."

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Gatlin already eyeing Invitational
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SUCCESSOR: World Championship 100-metre gold medallist Justin Gatlin, left, and former three-time 'Worlds' 100-metre gold medallist Usain Bolt, who copped bronze at last month's IAAF World Championships in London, following the medal ceremony. —Photo: AP

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